How do you want our Barcelona escorts to be depilated?

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Having body hair is part of the anatomy of men and women. The latter, usually, tend to get rid of it, and not only the legs or armpits, but also pubic hair.

For many men the depilation of a woman is important, even determinant to have more pleasant sexual relations, in addition that the visualization of some parts of the body without hair are more exciting.

According to surveys, 90% of men love a woman with a depilated pubis, because it gives them more morbidity.

As for the sensations, both men and women, when they opt for a good hair removal, have an increase in sensitivity and pleasure during penetration.

The reason is because skin-to-skin contact is more intense and the genitals of both rub more directly, having more friction. Also, for oral sex is perfect.

In Calipso you have a multitude of girls to choose from, but we have already indicated that many of our Barcelona escorts are completely depilated or with some hair that will be very sensual. However, if you have a preference, let us know and we will adapt to your needs.

So that you know the different types of pubic hair removal, below you have the most used:

Brazilian: the hair is depilated in the form of a very fine stripe above the lips. Visually, it’s very exciting.

Hollywood style: it is the integral depilation, leaving the intimate area smooth and soft.

Natural: there is no depilation here and the hair can grow as you like.

The arrow: the hair is depilated in the shape of an arrow giving the indications where to land.

The triangle: it is a careful and discreet way to carry the intimate hair. It just needs to be touched up so it doesn’t come out of the bikini.

With shapes or drawings: today there are many beauty centres that offer an a la carte depilation, with motifs and shapes in different colours. Hearts, stars, etc. Anything goes.

Whatever your sexual preference, Calipso is sure to find your favorite choice among our Barcelona escorts.

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