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The hottest escorts in Barcelona

Our Barcelona escorts are discreet and educated girls, they work in a voluntary and independent way, choosing to be part of our nightclub in order to offer their services to our clients. We have a wide variety of national and international escorts, with all kinds of physical and personal characteristics.

Their goal is to satisfy sexual desires of both men and women, always with delicacy, sensuality, and a lot of morbidity. Our call girls, whores, and escorts in Barcelona are over 18 years old and offer their services in our Mataró nightclub. They can also go wherever you are, we have hotel escorts, home escorts, companions of events or dinners… anything you need.

Our escorts in Barcelona come from all around the world: Latin whores, Catalan whores, Spanish whores, Russian escorts, eastern and Romanian escorts. You will find escorts in Maresme with all kinds of characteristics, ready to make you burn: escorts with big tits, operated or natural, lesbians, luxury whores, cheap whores, mature whores… The services they offer are pure pleasure: oral sex, BDSM, erotic massages, erotic showers, striptease, full French, natural, Greek, GFE, orgies, PSE and even copro.

Our hostess club respects the total discretion and you can find the delight and morbidity with our Barcelona escorts. Everything you are looking for and dreaming about is possible with our escorts in Vilassar de Mar, you will enjoy every moment, full of enjoyment, and lust.

If you are looking to enjoy the best sex, then you have found the perfect nightclub for you. Calipso Club assures you maximum satisfaction, we have what you need. Our escorts in Cabrera de Mar are waiting for you in our club to fulfill all your wishes.

Barcelona escorts that will make your fantasies come true.

In Calipso Club you will find an excellent space for experiencing joy and pleasure in the best and largest facilities in Barcelona. Fantasies and dreamy evenings are assured. The best escorts Barcelona collaborate with us, always ready to give all the pleasure you deserve.

The nightclub sets the mood, they put the pleasure, and you end completing this triangle of pleasure, making those moments with which you have always dreamed for a reality, those moments that you have always craved for. Leave your problems aside and meet the most luxurious Barcelona escorts with the best city rates.

It is well known that prostitution is one of the oldest jobs in the world, and that throug the years, working as a company girl has been getting more accepted by our society. The truth is that the profession of escorts in Mataró has evolved as most of the professions that we know have. One fact that may have occurred for the profession as a prostitute to have evolved this way is undoubtedly the great influx of people who live day by day in the Catalan capital, leading to a greater growth of competition and therefore of the demands when it comes to consuming paid sex.

In spite of everything, many people think that the world of escorts and prostitution in general is in decline, but the truth is that it is the opposite. Prostitution has increased in years of financial crisis in a very considerable way. Many women have become part of this group by necessity or thanks to the general increase in the population’s understanding of this issue, the taboo that has existed for many years with sex or with the possibility of earning a living with their body diminished in an ostensible way.

As if we were talking about any other commercial issue, the increase in demand in a city like Barcelona makes the offer get multiplied and therefore increased by a lot. An offer of girls of company that has multiplied excessively during these years and therefore has done, as in all markets, segment their clients and define different types of audience to meet every need.

Factors in the evolution, types and nationalities of the Barcelona escorts

The clientele which consumes paid sex has forced the oldest job in the world to evolve. Today, an escort in Alella is not merely a sexual object for the client, as it could be seen in years ago, today she’s a girl for plenty of situations, not only for the sexual area, since many times our clients value conditions such as their labia, knowing how to be, and above all, their ability to communicate and understand.

For this reason, a service that our clients frequently ask for is the evening escort, dinner, galas or similar events where the presence of the gentleman along with a beautiful, educated lady with plenty of manners increases the confidence of the client.

That’s why the whore stops being a mere “sexual object”, becoming a payment companion where she has to provide more complicity and become a good actress.

The emotional factor is undoubtedly the input which has made this profession evolve, sometimes leaving sex in the background and giving greater importance to all the rest of the situations that surround going out during the evening with a company girl. Of course, we are referring to situations with Maresme escorts that collaborate in houses like ours or independent ones.

Luxury escorts in Barcelona

As in all of Catalonia and Spain, in Barcelona we can find luxurious escorts. They are girls who work in prostitution at the highest levels, providing services of company and paid sex to distinguished businessmen or men with a lot of money from the entire region. Mataró has 124.099 inhabitants, according to the revision of the registry on January 1, 2013. According to INE’s data, Mataró is the 52th most populated city in Spain and the 8th in Catalonia.

There are many luxury Barcelona escorts from different nationalities and regions, who perform services such as VIP escorts, escorts of exotic beauty, with a splendid body and large breasts that do not go unnoticed by anyone.

The whores Barcelona which you will find in our nightclub are extremely sexy and sensual, fun, sweet, affectionate and in their eyes, you will find a trail of mischief that men love so much. Our whores Barcelona will keep you distracted from your daily life and give you all that affection, tenderness, and pleasure that you are looking for. We are sure that you will love their striptease when they drop their lingerie. Enjoy the authentic luxury to satiate your sexual fantasies. The best thing of all, is that they are available for going to hotels or addresses, so if you want them to go to your house or hotel, you will only have to ask for it and there will be our escorts, at your hotel or at your home. Surely you will not resist them. Without a doubt, it is one of the most requested types of companions given the quality of their services.

Spanish escorts in Barcelona

Naive those who thought that the Spanish escorts in Mataro are going through a rough time, closer to its extinction than to a strong and healthy life as far as the trade is concerned. Nothing is further from reality, the prostitution business, for them, is living a second youth. As this last economic crisis has shown, many businesses have had to close and change the way of working or their approach, the same has happened with the oldest trade in the world. Many other business have had to reconvert and adapt to their new times. This does not mean that the business is dead, but that the way of selling or displaying the offer must change its approach.

During these last years, the economic crisis has also affected the business of whores, it’s undeniable and can not be raised otherwise, but what is also true, is that the prostitution industry or rather the sale of paid sex, has suffered an extension in terms of concepts and services in order to stay alive. The pleasure industry has, fortunately, a large amount of resources within it, which has made this extension of sexual commercialization easier.

As we have been saying, the world of company girls has suffered a slight alteration in their behavior, rather an extension in their most basic principles. Sex with escorts Barcelona has ceased to be a mere sexual encounter, where the client ejaculates as soon as possible and ends the service. With the arrival of the crisis, the market has become saturated, the offer has grown disproportionately, and the client has become increasingly demanding. Like any other customer of any other service, he is the one who decides how to invest his money, and therefore seeks the most complete and authentic service he can for the money he is willing to pay.

That’s why, in the time we find ourselves in, a companion is no longer a simple whore, now it’s a companion. The client no longer pays for some casual sex, but pays to live the experience of knowing someone different, to keep an adventure out of their marriage. With Spanish escorts, the client especially looks for that conversation, that person that helps him simply by listening to him, that paid friendship that a scort can offer you. This means that the client no longer pays just to ejaculate, instead they pay for the relationship, for the affection received in exchange, for that time alone with another woman, for feeling young again, for filling the gaps in your mind with new experiences only available to young teenagers, for keeping that illusion alive.

The experience of courtship for a man is something instinctive, something that arises from the most feral principles of the human being and is something that has been lost, even more so if there is a relationship in the middle. Courtship, feeling desired, conquering is an act comparable to that of a lion to eat. Using the latter as an example, if a wild lion is fed a piece of meat already cut, clean and ready to eat, it is likely that he will not pay any attention to it. The lion needs to hunt, to feel properly a lion, to feel a wild animal, to dominate the situation, to hunt and finally eating. The same happens to the man with the courtship. You need to feel like a wild animal, go hunting, hunt and then eat. That experience is superior and more rewarding than having 10 women in front of them and having sex with them without saying a word. If that same man feels like a hunter with those ten women, the result and the pleasure that he will get will be much higher.

Going out to find some whores in Barcelona today can be even better than any psychological therapy. Moreover, there are psychologists who even recommend their patients, always according to the case they deal with, to visit a dating house.

However, still, as usual, we find the old face or the bad side of the coin. We all know the prostitution in the streets, the vast majority of which comes from illegal immigration and is linked to the known pimping mafias that have long since broken into our country, making this a totally demeaning activity for any whores that practice it. This activity has served to differentiate more if possible, the two different worlds that girls live today, and especially highlight the Spanish ones.

We define an escort in Barcelona as the ladies who freely decide to market their time, their body, and their company in exchange for money, to which there is no reproach or bad criticism, on the contrary, a profound respect for each and every one of them, who struggle every day to keep going despite whoever they are and despite many obstacles and taboos that society may impose on them. Well, this mention is better reflected on the new state or the new concept with which Barcelona whores are perceived, or the business of legal prostitution, from the way of acting, sometimes even aggressive with the public that surrounds them, to the low prices, haste, and even bad intentions on the part of many of them, since in any oversight, they can steal purses, watches, etc.

In any case, the world of prostitution and in particular the Spanish women live a duality, a remarkable and palpable double morality in the environment. While some struggle to get their lives ahead, renewing, improving, and adapting to the times, others continue with the same purpose, maybe it’s not their fault and it is the people behind them, those mafias that do not care about the industry or the sector and that damage and increase the ignorance and old myths of prostitution.

What is clear is that we are talking about the profession with the most tradition in the history of humanity. A profession that will never disappear, nor we want it to do so, but that can improve the living conditions of its workers can improve and help normalize the situation of many people who directly or indirectly see in it a way of escape and solution to many problems.

Latina Escorts in Barcelona

Latina escorts who decide to come to Barcelona arrive with great success. They are fierce and they really want to have fun and to have passionate sex. Latinas, either because of their character or because of their sex culture, are very open and very dedicated. In Calipso there are from every origin: Paraguayan, Cuban, Venezuelan, Brazilian… The Caribbean blood runs through the rooms of our escort nightclub in Masnou. They have a special gift for sex, their movements are the best when you are having sex with any of them.

Every time there are more Latinas staying in Barcelona and it is what we Spaniards really like when we are in Barcelona, partying and having whores with spectacular bodies and incredible movements. They are usually escorts in Alella operated with perfect and hard breasts with an ass that has been well trained and is stronger than a stone. They are whores Barcelona who give great importance and plenty of care to their physique and appearance.

They usually wear very tight and very provocative clothes, they are whores in Barcelona which are very open and empathize very well with customers, which creates a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere in order to male the relationship be much more pleasant .

Many of them tend to go out for Latin music clubs where you can meet them, have a drink with them, and have a good time overall. There are many who do not distinguish between work and their personal life since they take this profession as a way of life. They are very polite and are perfect as a company girl, but no doubt where they move best is at night and at the party where the queens are and they will make you spend the best nights you’ve ever enjoyed.

Mature escorts, the experience is a grade

The ones that have the most experience are the mature ones, years behind them in the world of sex make you have an experience with mature escorts like no other escort in Barcelona.
Authentic ladies of company that collaborate in our premises, reason why you will be able to feel all the passion that they transmit with their experience. The mature ones are very complete whores in every way, they dare everything because they have left behind the fears and taboos to experiment.

Mature escorts are women which are around thirty years old, long well into their forties. They are very well maintained escorts in Vilassar de Mar and they represent the standard of very healthy women. They are also teachers of seduction, which have nothing to envy young girls.

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