Falling in love with escorts happens a lot in Barcelona

2020-03-30T17:37:40+01:0030 March 2020|escorts barcelona, sexo, Whores Barcelona|

Believe it or not, falling in love with the escorts who work in Barcelona is more common than anything else. Clients, whether due to lack of affection or affection, or because they see in these relationships more than just a transaction, they really fall in love and we already know the saying: "he who falls in love loses", but they very much turn a deaf ear to these premises . Like everything in life, the almost daily treatment, or the [...]

Dogging: street sex

2020-03-11T10:39:01+01:009 March 2020|Sexual Fantasies|

Your life is black and white at the sexual level, otherwise, you would not be reading this post. That is why you are looking for new and intense sexual experiences. Meet people like you who want to enjoy sex without major complications, direct, raw. Bluntly. In sex the limit is set by you. That's why always having sex with the same person ... can be a limitation that makes you run the risk of not enjoying as you would [...]

Escorts in Barcelona to cum

2020-02-24T13:27:16+01:0024 February 2020|escorts barcelona, Whores Barcelona|

Do you like women without prejudice and willing to give you their best sex with you? In Club Calipso we have irresistible ladies of company, with bodies that will satisfy all your most daring and hot sexual desires. Fetish, striptease, services at home, hotel, threesomes, anal sex, erotic games, bachelor parties, French sex, orgies, sado, escorts for couples and everything you can imagine and much more. As the largest group of whore clubs in Barcelona, ​​we have a great [...]

Experience a complete French with our whores Barcelona

2019-03-24T06:25:12+01:0029 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo, Whores Barcelona|

Oral sex is extremely pleasurable and provides great excitement during preliminaries. It is also a sexual practice that can be complete, that is, it can last until orgasm is reached. In this sense, we find the realization of a complete French, which is when, when making a fellatio, the man ejaculates in the mouth of his sexual partner. In Calipso, our whores Barcelona perform this service when customers request it. They love to see how they enjoy it, because they [...]

Tips to have the best sex in Barcelona

2019-03-22T10:43:04+01:0028 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo|

As far as sex is concerned, there are no predetermined rules and there is a multitude of intimate preferences, according to each person. To maintain an active and satisfying sexual life, however, there are some tips you can consider to improve and enjoy more: Dare to change: it is important to try new postures, to dare to experience new sensations. Self-confidence: If you have a physical complex that you think might affect the other person, put aside the insecurities and [...]

This spring our Barcelona escorts will raise your temperature

2019-03-21T09:22:13+01:0027 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo|

With spring on top of you, you've probably noticed a greater sense of well-being. Heat not only positively affects the desire to have sexual encounters, but this season produces changes in the organism that incite eroticism. In Calipso it is always spring and our Barcelona escorts are full of sensuality and waiting for you to come to offer the best sex you can experience. Spring is a season full of desire: days are longer to enjoy, there is more exposure [...]

Advantages of sex without commitment with our Barcelona escorts

2019-03-20T09:14:18+01:0026 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo|

Having unattached sex, no doubt, has a multitude of advantages. Intimate contacts motivated solely by individual pleasure promote sexual enjoyment and self-knowledge. It is possible that you have erotic fantasies that you would like to realize and, thanks to sex without commitment, you can carry them out. Of course, if you have a romantic partner, you can also do it, but with a sexual partner, it can increase the excitement and let you get more carried away with more torrid [...]

The best sex in Barcelona with lesbians

2019-03-15T12:25:42+01:0025 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo|

There is something that many men love and is one of their greatest sexual fantasies: to see two women kissing or while having sex. On a sexual level, the man gives much more importance to visual stimuli and to see two lesbians touching and masturbating is very exciting for them. In Calipso we have the best whores Barcelona, each one with her sexual preferences and her physical characteristics. In case you want to experiment and see two lesbians having sex, [...]

Our whores Barcelona love to play with food

2019-03-13T20:33:13+01:0022 March 2019|escorts barcelona, Putas barcelona, sexo|

To give a different touch to your sexual encounters, you must incorporate erotic games and other elements that will make sex better and leave behind the monotony. Have you ever tried introducing food to your couple's games? Food and sex are not at odds, quite the opposite. In fact, both are among the most pleasant things for the human being Why not put them together? Food can be part of the preliminaries of sex, increasing arousal. However, it is necessary [...]

The best national and international Barcelona escorts

2019-03-13T06:08:02+01:0021 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo|

Sex can be very different depending on who you practice it with. In Calipso our girls are both national and international, to satisfy all the people who visit us. It depends a lot on your tastes, if you prefer to have calmer or sensual sex, or wild sex, even if you want to try your most extreme sexual fantasies. Our Barcelona escorts are from all parts, Catalan, Spanish, Latin, Russian, escorts from the east, etc. . Our beautiful girls, wherever [...]

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