Our whores Barcelona love to play with food

2019-03-13T20:33:13+01:0022 March 2019|escorts barcelona, Putas barcelona, sexo|

To give a different touch to your sexual encounters, you must incorporate erotic games and other elements that will make sex better and leave behind the monotony. Have you ever tried introducing food to your couple's games? Food and sex are not at odds, quite the opposite. In fact, both are among the most pleasant things for the human being Why not put them together? Food can be part of the preliminaries of sex, increasing arousal. However, it is necessary [...]

Oral sex as a preliminary

2019-03-07T10:31:46+01:0014 March 2019|escorts barcelona, Putas barcelona, sex, sexo|

Sex is not just penetration and includes all kinds of preliminaries that will make sexual intercourse more pleasurable. The realization of caresses, kisses, erotic games and, especially, the realization of oral sex, makes the body is excited and have a better orgasm. Thanks to the preliminaries you can enjoy more and explore your body and that of your partner, having more intensity in the sensations and having a sexual desire that feeds the expectation and the surprise effect during the [...]

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