Oral sex as a preliminary

2019-03-07T10:31:46+01:0014 March 2019|escorts barcelona, Putas barcelona, sex, sexo|

Sex is not just penetration and includes all kinds of preliminaries that will make sexual intercourse more pleasurable. The realization of caresses, kisses, erotic games and, especially, the realization of oral sex, makes the body is excited and have a better orgasm. Thanks to the preliminaries you can enjoy more and explore your body and that of your partner, having more intensity in the sensations and having a sexual desire that feeds the expectation and the surprise effect during the [...]

Barcelona escorts vs Fuck buddy

2019-01-25T09:23:22+01:0025 January 2019|escorts barcelona, Prostitución, sex, sexo|

It has happened to all of us that we feel very attracted sexually by a person, but we know that the relationship could not go any further, basically that is called sexual bonding. In a relationship with a sexual link must be very clear that feelings should not flourish if you do not want to spoil it, so you have to know the difference between fuck buddy and an escort Barcelona. In order not to spoil this type of relationship [...]

Do you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018 with our escorts in Barcelona?

2018-12-03T15:59:05+01:003 December 2018|escorts barcelona, events, News, sex|

We are just starting the month of December 2018 and surely you are already thinking about what to do at New Year's Eve 2018... in Club Calipso we assure you a night of madness and pleasure with escorts in Barcelona that you put hottest. Do you have a better plan to spend an end of year 2018 unforgettable? Celebrating New Year's Eve 2018 accompanied by the best whores and escorts in Barcelona is a unique experience, and we promise that [...]

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