Experience a complete French with our whores Barcelona

2019-03-24T06:25:12+01:0029 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo, Whores Barcelona|

Oral sex is extremely pleasurable and provides great excitement during preliminaries. It is also a sexual practice that can be complete, that is, it can last until orgasm is reached. In this sense, we find the realization of a complete French, which is when, when making a fellatio, the man ejaculates in the mouth of his sexual partner. In Calipso, our whores Barcelona perform this service when customers request it. They love to see how they enjoy it, because they [...]

How to break the ice with our whores Barcelona

2019-03-12T09:53:46+01:0020 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo, Whores Barcelona|

Many times talking to a woman, starting a conversation or proposing an appointment, is a little complicated. You may be a little shy or not know how to start communicating with her, for fear of rejection. It's exactly the same with sex. Sometimes you'd like to have sex with someone but you don't know how to propose. The truth is, with our girls, you wouldn't have those problems. Our whores Barcelona love it when men come up to them and [...]

Lubricants for the best sex in Barcelona

2019-03-10T06:42:08+01:0019 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo, Whores Barcelona|

Lubricants are specific gels that help facilitate penetration, enhance orgasm and, at the same time, help to enjoy sex more. They are perfect for achieving greater intensity in sex play, especially with vibrators and, not only in penetration, but also in foreplay. They can also be used when the penis is very large or the vagina is very narrow because it prevents pain. In addition, many women use lubricants when they secrete few vaginal fluids and may cause sexual dissatisfaction [...]

More intense orgasms thanks to our whores Barcelona

2019-03-08T13:21:23+01:0018 March 2019|escorts barcelona, sexo, Whores Barcelona|

An orgasm is the most satisfying point of sexual arousal in the erogenous zones. It can be achieved by masturbating or having sex with another person. During this climax there is a pleasant sensation of release from the tension accumulated during the whole act or sexual action. The peak of the orgasm lasts a few seconds and then the person enters a phase of relaxation of the body, normalizing blood circulation and breathing. There is also a feeling of placidity [...]

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