Chocolate and oral sex, a perfect tandem

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The combination of chocolate and sex is excellent, for the sensuality they give off. Cocoa is an exciting and delicious ingredient and, during sex, can be used to increase the erotic charge.

There are different options: you can eat before sexual intercourse, as it is an aphrodisiac, or incorporate it into sex. One way is, no doubt, in oral sex.

Introducing chocolate into sex play is perfect and you get a different sexual experience.

For use in oral sex, chocolate body paint can be used, as it incorporates a thin brush that, when drawing on the body, the eroticism will be maximum. You can also use chocolate syrup which, being liquid, is great for this type of sex.

It is not necessary to bathe the whole zone with this food, only with spreading the most erogenous parts, the places is total.

Although this practice is delicious, it must be said that it is a bit sticky. . . How about a shower together afterwards?

Likewise, if you want to incorporate chocolate into sex but don’t want to get dirty, the best way is to eat it in the form of chocolates. The chocolates can be in exciting places of the body or you can play that, with each pleasant action that the other asks for, when it is fulfilled, a chocolates is offered as a gift.

As you can see, there are many options that can make sex more fun and exciting thanks to chocolate. Incorporate this food, especially into oral sex, and your experiences will be unique and different.

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