Dogging: street sex

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Your life is black and white at the sexual level, otherwise, you would not be reading this post. That is why you are looking for new and intense sexual experiences. Meet people like you who want to enjoy sex without major complications, direct, raw. Bluntly.

In sex the limit is set by you. That’s why always having sex with the same person … can be a limitation that makes you run the risk of not enjoying as you would like.

That’s why there is dogging. Do you want to know what it is and how to practice it?

Dogging: exciting sex

It’s very simple. You are online with a stranger or several in one place and that’s it. To take a good powder.

Meeting someone who does not know you or that person, excites and much. And if you can easily stay online at the click of a click, even better.

You can stay anywhere, picnic, parks, bushes, forests, industrial developments, etc. Normally in meeting points away from the big city.

Dogging and its background

In the seventies it began to generalize, and since then it has not stopped growing. But why don’t you know what their origins were? Well, one version says that when it comes to sex in the street, as dogs do, the term “dogging” was coined. The other, that the men who went for a walk with their dogs, discovered and ended up spying on couples in full action, also managing to participate in the sexual act.

Dogging in Barcelona

Dogging en Barcelona

In Barcelona there are followers of this sexual practice, and quite a lot. For example, there is a portal called Dogging Spain, where you can meet other users, with

an exchange of a specific photo and that’s it: head to the appointment. In fact, there are “doggers” throughout the national territory, not only in Barcelona.

Dogging and its ways

To carry it out, there are rules, as in everything that is sex with other people.

Depending on where you meet the doggers, you will have to take into account the laws of the country, because there is a risk that it is a public scandal
Do not mistreat or break public furniture
Do not reveal the personal identity of any of the dogger participants, nor they yours
Dogging in Barcelona exists, and you can enjoy complete delights of meat delicacies without major complications.

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