Carlota a precious and luxury escort

Luxury escorts in Barcelona at a reasonable price

Carlota is an authentic luxury escort in Barcelona that offers sexual services at reasonable prices. In the current times, it’s difficult to find women with such a high level of beauty at a price as affordable as the one offered by Carlota in Calipso.

Carlota is an impressive girl from head to toe, from the best luxury whores in Barcelona, a face so beautiful that it seems sculpted by the masters of classical sculpture, a mouth with full lips and white teeth and a tanned skin tone that make her a very exotic lady.

Carlota likes educated gentlemen and get involved with them so that they feel involved with each other. Undoubtedly, she is a hundred percent recommendable lady who is worth spending a unique evening.


ARE THERE LUXURY ESCORTS IN BARCELONA AT GOOD PRICES? It is known by everyone that Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. One of its major attractions and interest is the wide range of sensual, erotic, and sexual encounters that the city of Barcelona has to offer. For the highest levels, one of the biggest claims are the services of the luxury escorts in Barcelona. Very beautiful girls that, at normally high prices, provide a number of services. But the question is, are there luxury escorts in Barcelona at a reasonable or affordable price? To get rid of doubts, we asked Carlota, a Calipso Club luxury escort for her opinion.Carlota how do you see the work of luxury escorts in Barcelona right now?
Everyone is aware that the crisis has affected all sectors, including the world of paid sex. The girls like me of high standing, who charged from 500€ to 1000€ per service, had a really difficult finding those customers. So we did not have any other solution, we had to adapt to the new and difficult times and adjust prices.In your case, what are the prices which you are charging for right now?
Well, without a doubt, it’s much less than what I was used to, but the positive thing is that having so many clients, working more, I earn enough. Before with just one I was already getting the day but well that’s the way things are.

Do you currently have clients from good times?
The truth is that no, I do not know where they have gotten, I guess many went bankrupt or simply their standard of living has gone down and they can not give themselves those tastes, and that was one of the things that prompted me to work here and stay in the job.

Do you think those days will come back someday?
That is what we all are expect for, and precisely being in this place that will soon be the new Riviera is the guarantee that those times will return. Here there’ a good team, a very nice atmosphere, and enough space to receive hundreds of clients.

So we can say that those luxury escorts from Barcelona, which are beautiful like you, with that glamor, and high level, are affordable to all pockets?
Of course, and I am the living example, if you want to have the company of a beautiful and very professional girl in all aspects, here they have me. You already know that for a good price you can enjoy a beautiful evening with a dreamy woman. You do not need to spend a lot of money which is one of the factors that currently restrain new customers.

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