Natalia adorable and submissive par excellence

She loves being tamed and punished

I am a playful girl, I like older men, although I am very young. I like having a lot of fun, I am adorable and I tend to be very affectionate, although I like being scolded and men with character. I like them well forged, rude and attractive, that they put me on my guard with a strong hand and that they punish me.

I’m a submissive par excellence, I love being tamed and punished, I love being tied up and being shouted at, give me a good spanking if I do not do what you ask. I ask you to speak loudly when it comes to being in bed and to take me quite rudely to the limits of my excitement, I do not want anything more than that, I prefer a man who is capable of controlling me than a man who wants to be controlled.

My height is 1.60m, I am small with short and red hair, I am white and I am full of polka dots, my bust is big and my butt is perfect to receive your spanking, I am willing to let you take me to a night full of punishment and lust with the most carnal instincts you can have.

It can be tonight or tomorrow, if you are in Barcelona and you want to meet me and give me what I am asking for, do not hesitate to contact me, if you like all this, I know you will have a great time with me.

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