Verónica romantic and seductive

Passionist escorts, unique in Barcelona

My name is Veronica, I am a white girl with small black hair, with a mermaid body, a small bust and good legs, I am very romantic so I love nocturnal dates in warm and secluded places, I am a little seductive and passionate when I find myself face to face with a man, although I am usually shy, it is easy for me to get carried away.
I love kissing, I can go slowly kissing you and take advantage of the moment to seduce you and take you to live an unforgettable experience, a date that you will never forget, you can also see me as many times as you want. I like staying in confidence, go loosing little by little and build up a relationship of trust with my clients, I am quite serious and affectionate, always maintaining the discretion that requires the place and the moment where we are.

I can go with you to the company to have a drink or to have a romantic date to have a good time and talk a little, to break the ice and reacingh the passionate meeting where the fire of the moment is ignited and we manage to get along in a bed in the warmest and most passionate way possible, which excites me a lot.

Do not hesitate to request my services, I promise you it will be a friendly and fun experience, I can be what you want and make you see the night of Barcelona as a magical night full of surprises.

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