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How do you like women? What’s your prototype?
Especially for sex. What kind of girl attracts you?

When it comes to having sex, each person can be excited about one physical aspect or another.

There are many men who are morbid to do it with women who have long hair, or super short. Also have darker or whiter skin. The lips, the eyes, even the waist.

But usually there are some physical traits that make you feel attracted to a woman. The breasts and the ass.

Usually large breasts attract a lot of attention and are visually very exciting. There are also underwear that emphasizes them and makes them look amazing. It should also be added that there are two types: natural or operated. They tend to like natural ones more, due to their touch, but there are many men who get excited with breast augmentations.

In this case, when it comes to giving pleasure, women do not have the same sensitivity with an operated breast as with a natural one.

On the other hand, in recent years, there has been a clear tendency for small breasts to seduce a great deal, especially because of the innocence they give off.

As for the ass, men tend to be attracted to the prominent, as it is a very striking area, and also like them to be round. A well-formed ass gives them the feeling that sex will be more pleasurable. The men are very excited by the sight, and the buttocks provide them with a very pleasant stimulus.

Whether you like women with large breasts, natural or operated, small breasts and fantastic asses, come to Calipso and choose our whores Barcelona to have the best sex you can imagine.

We have girls with long hair, medium mane, short, all skin types, lips fleshy or fine to perform the best oral sex, . . . you can choose the girl or girls you like.

At Calipso our whores Barcelona are all fantastic and each one has its own characteristics so that all men feel identified.
You’ll love our girls for sure.

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