Lubricants for the best sex in Barcelona

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Lubricants are specific gels that help facilitate penetration, enhance orgasm and, at the same time, help to enjoy sex more.

They are perfect for achieving greater intensity in sex play, especially with vibrators and, not only in penetration, but also in foreplay.

They can also be used when the penis is very large or the vagina is very narrow because it prevents pain.

In addition, many women use lubricants when they secrete few vaginal fluids and may cause sexual dissatisfaction or discomfort during and after intercourse. Their textures and aromas give them pleasure.

And not only are they useful for vaginal sex, but they are indispensable for anal sex. A good lubrication is necessary, due to the little space to penetrate.
In this case, it is best to use silicone-based lubricants, as water lubricants are absorbed more quickly.

If you also want to have oral sex in a different way, these gels can provide you with an extra experience. Some have cold or heat effect, which intensifies the pleasure, others have flavors, which causes the person who performs the fellatio, may like more and recreate in your member.

An interesting feature is that, in general, they do not stain sheets or underwear. So let your imagination run wild and integrate them into your sexual relations.

Our Barcelona escorts use them normally and, if you want, you can use them in your own privacy. They love oral sex with different flavors, they find it more exciting. Or you can put a few drops of lubricant in her vagina and make your penetration more intense. It’s up to you!

If you want to have the best sex in Barcelona, you have to visit us in Calipso. We have all kinds of sex toys and lubricants to make your sexual experience more pleasant and daring. Our girls will make you feel new sensations.

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