The ideal music to have a good sex in Barcelona

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Music affects our emotions, our perceptions and even health. It is a powerful art that, through melody, enters the mind and body of people.

On the sexual level, it also has great influence, since it activates the pleasure mechanisms of the brain. Not only does it help to be disinhibited, but it can also become the soundtrack of a sexual relationship, even if the act occurs at the same pace.

Depending on the tone of the melodies, they are even aphrodisiacs for the body. Therefore, if you want to have a night of passion and sex, include a good selection of songs.

In Calipso, we have the best sex in Barcelona, not only for having an ideal environment with good music, but for the company of the best whores Barcelona that will make you vibrate just like the songs.

In case you can not get close to our establishment, our Barcelona escorts at home can come to your home to give you pleasure. In this case, you put your favorite music and they will give you the best sex.

Although the musical tastes of each are different, there is a selection of melodies that are exciting and stimulating. Thanks to them, your experience can be even more erotic. Some are: Dirty Dancing, Sexual Healing, Take My Breath Away, Unchained Melody, Do not Want To Miss A Thing and Je t’aime. This last one the title is already exciting!

Obviously there are more, but these make the hair stand on end.

Even music can be more stimulating than touch during sex. What would you like an exciting song while our girls gently caress you to the rhythm of the melody? Too much, no?

When you want you can try it. In Calipso we adapt to your needs and demands so that your sexual experience is as satisfying as possible. We are at your entire disposal.

Visit us in Calipso and meet the best whores in Barcelona. We are waiting for you with a playlist full of pleasure.

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