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Oral sex is totally exciting, especially for men. That your companion fills you with pleasure performing a fellatio is one of the sexual practices that, both as preliminaries and to reach orgasm, enchants most.

Our whores Barcelona are experts in oral sex and do not leave anyone indifferent. As soon as you try it, not only will you repeat it habitually, but you will have that memory at every moment permanently. Having our girls between your legs is too exciting.

And, a variant of oral sex that they like to perform and sure that you too, is a natural French. This consists of practicing fellatio without any condom. The contact of the mouth of our whores Barcelona with your skin will drive you crazy.

The sensations, besides being more pleasant, are multiplied due to the great sensitivity. You will notice his saliva and his tongue perfectly, with nothing to prevent his mouth from filling you with pleasure.

To do it without a condom, one must follow a basic rule that will make oral sex an ecstasy party: hygiene. If this is the case, we assure you that a natural French will be an unforgettable experience for you. If you’ve already tried it, you have to come to Calipso and have our girls do it for you, I’m sure you’ve never felt something like that.

And, in case no one has done it to you, your excitement will be maximum.

Our whores Barcelona will give you all the pleasure: they will start gently caressing your sex with their fingers and tongue, stimulating the testicles and the glans. They will put your whole limb in their mouth and slowly lick you and play with their mouth through their lips. Only they know what rhythm will make you love it, varying it in each moment according to your moans,. . . And, if you want, they can go looking at you while they are practicing fellatio so that this visual contact increases the excitement even more.

All this without any protection so that the sensations are surprising and the contact of his mouth with your penis is total.

Do you want to feel it? Do you want to live it? Come to Calipso and our girls will take you to the paradise where you will experience the best natural French.

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