Oral sex as a preliminary

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Sex is not just penetration and includes all kinds of preliminaries that will make sexual intercourse more pleasurable.

The realization of caresses, kisses, erotic games and, especially, the realization of oral sex, makes the body is excited and have a better orgasm.

Thanks to the preliminaries you can enjoy more and explore your body and that of your partner, having more intensity in the sensations and having a sexual desire that feeds the expectation and the surprise effect during the whole act. Delaying intercourse as long as possible, even not allowing the other to reach orgasm during preliminaries, increases excitement and the desire for more.

Oral sex, as we’ve discussed, is a perfect preliminary. Our whores Barcelona will do it to you slowly, playing with their tongue and their mouth. You’ll think it’s magic. . . They love to see you enjoy yourself while our girls do everything they want with you.

It is also very pleasant for them to have oral sex with you and it helps to lubricate them and then penetrate them completely.

But that’s not the end of it. Thanks to this connection, the sexual chemistry between you will increase, which will keep your body in tune and you will raise the temperature to the maximum.

Other perfect preliminaries are the games between you. You can put yourselves in front of each other and, by sequences, stimulate yourselves with the tongue in all parts of the body: the neck, the nape of the neck, the chest, between the legs, etc.
Then you can move on to masturbation. You can touch her vagina sexually, touch yourself, or let her masturbate you.

Another very exciting preliminary is to put a blindfold on the eyes and surprise the other person with caresses or an erotic massage.

Also the erotic games are perfect to use as preliminaries before moving on to the action, as well as giving you a naked hot bath.

All these actions are provocative and tempting that will make you want to penetrate it at the moment. Remember that during the preliminaries you have to incite to lust, the best orgasms come later Can you endure?

If you want the best oral sex thanks to our whores Barcelona, you have to visit us in Calipso. Only they will be able to 1000 so that your sexual experience is unique.

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