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Having orgies is one of the most popular ways to have sex in a group, since more than three people participate in free form relationships. They can be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual or lesbian and allows all kinds of pleasure exchange.

In general, there are no restrictions, but there are usually rules, because a member may refuse to practice any action.

Participate and visualize an orgy is one of the most common sexual fantasies, both in men and women. As long as it is done with respect and safety measures, it is a very pleasant experience.

Our Barcelona escorts love to make orgies. In Calipso we organize orgies with our girls for you to enjoy and get excited in an unimaginable way. You only have to choose which girls you like the most, and our Barcelona escorts will delight you. Tell them what you want them to do to you and what you want them to do to each other.

To be able to perform orgies correctly and for all participants to enjoy, there are a few tips.

Relax the atmosphere: in order to uninhibit yourself at the beginning of sexual intercourse, you can have a drink together. In Calipso we can offer you some drinks in your room and thus relax.
Then you can make some game with caresses and preliminaries before starting the action.

Delimit the rules: in the orgies some rules are established, as long as there is a participant who doesn’t want to do something. For it to be a pleasant experience, everyone has to have a good time. In the case of our Barcelona escorts, you can tell them what you would like to do with them or them with you, for sure you will agree. In addition, our girls love oral sex, anal sex, lesbian sex, etc.

Everyone participates: in an orgy all members must be involved and there must be contact with all attendees. In Calipso you will have no problem in this case, as all our girls know exactly the role they should play and make you enjoy throughout the orgy.

Protection and hygiene: safety and hygiene of people and place is essential. Our girls know it well and carry it out. In addition, our facilities are perfectly adapted.

Remember that the best orgies are in Calipso hand in hand with our whores Barcelona. They will make you feel unique and you will also witness a live sex party. Our girls will make you feel like the protagonist.

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