The most pleasurable postures to have the best sex

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If you like pleasurable sex and try different postures, keep reading this post. We are going to show you some of the most satisfying and sensual postures. Movements and postural changes promote the quality of sex and, as a consequence, increase pleasure.

If you want to try them, our Barcelona escorts will make your dreams come true. You just have to choose which one or which ones you want to enjoy and they will do the rest.

Some postures that will raise your excitement to the maximum are:

Submitted: you will lie on your back and she will sit on you … on your back. Is there something more exciting? Your visual field will be totally pleasant.

69: your girl will be giving you pleasure while you will also provide it. By forming this number, your bodies will merge into one.

Doggy style: while she is on four legs, you will be kneeling behind. Perfect sex while you practice a position where you will have total control of the situation and an unbeatable visibility of the scene.

Dragon: both lying down … one on top of the other, face down. The level of arousal increases upon contact with the buttocks.

Legs to the shoulder: she lies down and you lean to have contact with her legs. These are placed on your shoulders, which causes a deep penetration. With a good rhythm, the climax is assured with ease.

Cowgirl: she will take the reins and will be placed on top of you, having the power, moving sensually.

These are just some postures, there are many more than our Barcelona escorts will offer to give you maximum excitement.

You just have to come to Calipso, explain to our girls what you want and how you want it and we will do it. You can also leave everything in your hands and evade completely enjoying the unexpected.

Come to Calipso and enjoy the best sex in Barcelona, accompanied by the best whores and in a dream facility.

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