Sex in Barcelona in an ozonized pool

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We have already mentioned on occasion the pleasure of having sex in the water by experiencing the sensation and contact of the bodies with it.

Its benefits are multiplied when the pool water is ozonized, since ozone is a very effective disinfectant agent and, when replaced by chlorine, has no odor, besides being the most hygienic alternative.

At Calipso we have an excellent ozonized swimming pool set in a Roman room. This sensual atmosphere will give you even more excitement and a different way of having fantastic sex. Let yourself be carried away by our whores Barcelona and let yourself be loved. Tell them what you like them to do to you or let them decide.

The ozonized water intensifies the action of the water and you will be relaxed. And because you don’t have chlorine, you won’t smell anything when you get home. It’s all advantages!

Other qualities of sex in water are:

Relaxation: having intimate relationships in this aqueous environment relieves stress considerably. If you have anxiety in your personal or professional life, relaxing in the ozonized pool with our Barcelona whores is an excellent option and you will feel like new.

Happiness: during your stay in Calipso you will forget all your daily problems and the water will help you enjoy a different and exciting night.

Fitness: It is well known that many muscles are exercised in water. If you also add the calories you could lose in a good sex session like the one we offer you in Calipso, forget about the gym and sign up for our private classes with your favourite teachers. In addition, water provides flexibility and agility, very practical for carrying out different sexual postures.

Excitement: the sensuality of a wet body has no limits. Imagine our whores Barcelona all wet, lingerie or naked, as you prefer. I’m sure it’s your sexual fantasy.

Sex in the water also offers improvisation, as it is a different and fun practice, giving an extra touch to sex.

It is clear that you have to come to Calipso to taste our ozonized pool, you will be surprised. We’re waiting for you to dive in together and enjoy the best sex in Barcelona.

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