Enjoy our sex shows with whores in Barcelona

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That several girls dance in front of you in a relaxed and sensual atmosphere, while you are having a drink alone or with your friends, is surely an experience that you would like to make.

Imagine a long and modern bar, with dim lights that incite you to stay there for a while and a great variety of drinks and cocktails. Around you have the best whores in Barcelona, the most beautiful, exuberant and full of eroticism thanks to their mini-dresses or underwear.

Is it paradise? Almost, almost. . . it’s Calipso. Surround yourself with fun and pleasure in our facilities perfectly adapted to live new sensations.

We have a common area where you can see the best erotic shows of our girls. Only they know how to move their body. The music will set your rhythm and wiggle. When you see them, you’ll know why you entered Calipso. In the hall there is a dance bar that will dazzle you, as the best whores in Barcelona will use it to leave you with your mouth open. I’m sure you’re already too excited at that point.

Do you want more? If you prefer, you can stay as long as you like, watching our lightweight beauties next to you, or you can take action and have one or more girls take you to heaven.

Pick the one you like best and tell him what you want him to do to you. Also, if you like improvisation, tell her to do whatever she wants. I’m sure he knows how to please you. How about starting with a sexy striptease just for you in your room? Then you can go on with a full oral sex session, or you can try incredible postures,. . . You’re the boss! It’s your night.

Another girl can also play with you and enjoy having a threesome. You with two beautiful girls, too much? No, in Calipso, there are no limits.

Try and enjoy exciting new sensations for your mind and body. You will spend days and days remembering that night. . .

Come to Calipso to enjoy our sex shows and you decide if you want to experience more. We are waiting for you in our splendid facilities designed for fun and sensuality.

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