The most exciting sex toys to use with our Barcelona escorts

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To face sexual monotony it is necessary to incorporate different elements or situations that make sex more fun, pleasant and exciting.

One of the ways is to try sex toys that will make your relationships not only more satisfying, but also have an extra touch.

There are many sex toys, both for men and women, and even unisex to enjoy together with the same device.

In Calipso we all have them and, although our Barcelona escorts do not need anything to give you the best sex, they like to incorporate them, if you feel like it, to increase the pleasure.

In addition, you would surely love to watch our girls get excited among themselves with vibrators and other elements leaving you speechless.
There are many types of sex toys. Some of the best known are the vibrators in different shapes, sizes and textures, both for him and her. Likewise, some can be used for anal sex.

We also find the rings that, placing them at the base of the penis, stimulate the clitoris of the woman and, at the same time, provides intensity in the penis improving the erection. It is, therefore, a toy that excites the couple at once.

If you like oral sex, you have to try the tongue vibrator, as each member adapts it to their tongue and produce vibrations during the act.

In addition, massage oils produce exciting and pleasurable sensations, awakening the senses, both with cold and heat effect.

Other sex toys are, for example, erotic games, where each member takes a role and you have to follow some rules, similar to a board game.

In Calipso we also have all kinds of sexy costumes to play with our Barcelona escorts, or edible underwear to literally devour the tanguita of our girls, in addition to accessories such as bandages for the eyes, wives to dominate the situation or to dominate you or feathers that intensify the caresses.

Visit us in Calipso and let your imagination fly experiencing different sensations.

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