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We love sex, and if it’s paid, we do as well. Thanks to the fact that we are from Barcelona, we have it really easy since it’s where most of the pretty girls who offer us sexual services with their charms for a reasonable price are. We always say it and we never get tired but nowadays, who does not fuck, it’s because they don’t want to… In our place, you will find the most slutty escorts of Barcelona, distracted girls with plenty of morale that will manage to make you happy for very little. All these girls enjoy a spectacular list of services which we present below.
Oral sex in Barcelona

Oral Sex

Give joy to your body with a beautiful company girl who will perform a spectacular French (oral sex). Imagine-looking her in the eye while…
Anal sex in Mataró

Anal Sex

There’s nothing more which gives more morbidity to men than practicing anal sex. Make her ass squeeze against it, making her feel it inside her, and feel powerful!
Complete French in Barcelona

Complete French

When it comes to a French where everything has been perfect, many rather to culminate inside, pure morbidity, pure pleasure!
Cunnilingus in Barcelona


If you are one of those who like to give pleasure, then you already know, cunnilingus</ strong> for her. Exciting, morbid, passionate, and lusty moment which is waiting for you.
Kissing with whores Mataró - Barcelona


The closeness is something that urges in a relationship, a good kiss with tongue is essential if you like feeling your companion.
Natural French Mataró

Natural French

We are many who think that, if there’s oral sex in a date, it has to be natural, of course. Ration of extra pleasure.
Black kiss Barcelona

Black Kiss

There are plenty of ways to feel pleasure, and of course, the black kiss could not be missing from the list of secrets of the most morbid whores in Barcelona.
Pornstar experience in Barcelona

Pornstar Experience

Do you want to feel like a porn star? More and more actresses are deciding to offer their sexual services as companions.
Squirting Barcelona


Does you getting covered by their fluids turn you on? Watch her as she squirts out of pleasure? Get excited seeing how she enjoys out of pleasure pleasure. Pure morbidity!
Sexual duplex in Barcelona


You love seeing how they get it on and you know it… In a duplex with two girls, only imagination matters, pleasure of another kind. 100% recommended!
Threesomes in Barcelona - Mataró


Get things going with two, they always say that where two can fit, three can as well, right? Sure you have enough for two. Try the double pleasure in a trio.
Lesbian Barcelona - Mataró


Two lesbians going at it will invite you to enjoy them or just enjoy the moment and the view, you choose…
Sexual orgies in Barcelona


You like sharing and be surrounded by people, that’s why you like orgies. Bring your friends and organize a big one which you will remember for the rest of your life…
Home escort Mataró

At home

You’re at home, bored, and you’re about to order some pizzas… for the love of God, no! Ask for a home whore service, they will eat you, but whatever…
Hotel whores in Barcelona


When visiting Barcelona, tourism or business, do not believe that the best part of the city are the women, call from your hotel and enjoy without leaving your room.

Escorts for women in Barcelona

For women

You are a woman and you are looking for new experiences or you simply want to repeat the pleasure that you like most with specialists, escorts for women.
Bachelor parties in Barcelona

Bachelor parties

In a good bachelor party there are two things that can never be missed, one is friends and the other is whores, it’s clear…
Erotic games in Barcelona

Erotic games

Te gusta experimentar, no te gusta lo común y te encanta que te sorprendan, entonces los juegos eróticos son lo tuyo, ¡ven a jugar al juego de las putas!
BDSM in Barcelona - Mataró


Dominant or submissive? Whatever your role in BDSM is, you will not find a better place to make your most dreamed fantasies real…
Striptease in Barcelona - Mataró


The striptease poles can’t be missing in a stripclub, of course, but many of us are private dancers and get messy… Choose!

Make your hottest wishes come true with all sexual services

The company girls are more than mere pleasure and lust, they are our wishes come true, pleasure and fun personified in an Barcelona escort, feel free and feel special with all the relaxation, sex, and pleasure that you deserve. The most beautiful escorts in Barcelona await you with a clear idea of what you are looking for, and ready to please you.

Now you have everything you want with you, in Calipso you will find the best selection of whores in Barcelona, tall, short, blondes, brunettes… and all sexual services: full French, anal sex, BDSM, bachelor parties … Remember, everything at your disposal.

Why sex is more than escorts

The passion of our escorts in Maresme goes far beyond mere sex, it is a concept of life for her and for you. Here taboos and false ideals are left out, only the desire to have fun and feel pleasure matter, a world of dreams that come true. An exciting and captivating environment is the one which you will live with us.

You will always be welcome, there are no rejections, here there isn’t a “no” for an answer, here, you are the protagonist, and all our escorts in Mataró want to be with you. Do not hesitate to come and meet us, we will be your perfect host to a world of pleasure.

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