This spring our Barcelona escorts will raise your temperature

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With spring on top of you, you’ve probably noticed a greater sense of well-being. Heat not only positively affects the desire to have sexual encounters, but this season produces changes in the organism that incite eroticism.

In Calipso it is always spring and our Barcelona escorts are full of sensuality and waiting for you to come to offer the best sex you can experience.

Spring is a season full of desire: days are longer to enjoy, there is more exposure to the sun and there are changes in habits during this time. Everything points to better sex. It also affects wearing fewer clothes or finer, more sensual garments.

These bodily changes have a scientific basis that corroborates it. In fact, in spring there is an increase in hormones such as testosterone, thus affecting sexuality.

The sun, in addition, is an aphrodisiac and natural antidepressant, which allows to process great part of the vitamin D. These high levels affect mood and, as we have said, testosterone. The male hormone is essential in sexuality.

Come to Calipso and take advantage of the longer spring days to have a drink in our facilities. Although our Barcelona escorts love to have sex and try out new experiences every day of the year, these days feel more open and willing to satisfy you. The heat drives them crazy. In addition, they wear very sexy lingerie and dresses that will make you suffocate even more.

We propose you other options: you can come with your friends simply to drink something and listen to good music, in a relaxed atmosphere and with unbeatable views. The end is up to you.

Visit us and, if you feel like it, choose the girl or girls you like and start spring with good foot. In Calipso you’ll have better sex in Barcelona.

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