Tips for making the best oral sex for a man

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Oral sex is one of the most pleasurable and exciting sexual practices. Thanks to the mouth, tongue, lips and hands, all the erogenous parts are stimulated and, during the act, different movements are generated in order to offer more pleasure by carrying out actions such as sucking or licking.

In the case of men, due to the great sensitivity of the area, and to the fact that it gives them a lot of excitement to observe their partner while performing oral sex, they love this sexual activity. Every man is different, some like more depth, caresses with tongue or sucking.

Performing oral sex is not only going from top to bottom and can make a difference and cause more pleasure thanks to some techniques that can use your partner:

-To form a rhythm with the hand and the mouth since, of this way, the excitement will be increased until arriving at the orgasm.

-Caressing other parts of the body, such as the testicles or the inside of the leg, during fellatio. In the case of the testicles, they should be touched in a circular motion and gently.

-Use saliva for easier slipping of the mouth and tongue.

-Suctioning the penis offers extra pleasure and makes a difference.

-To look at the person who is having oral sex is very morbid. Eye contact for men during sex is basic.

-Licking the tip drives them crazy. Playing with it through the tongue puts them at 1000.

-Never use teeth. Chewing during fellatio is not a good idea.

Here are some keys to performing pleasurable oral sex.

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