Tips to have the best sex in Barcelona

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As far as sex is concerned, there are no predetermined rules and there is a multitude of intimate preferences, according to each person.

To maintain an active and satisfying sexual life, however, there are some tips you can consider to improve and enjoy more:

Dare to change: it is important to try new postures, to dare to experience new sensations.

Self-confidence: If you have a physical complex that you think might affect the other person, put aside the insecurities and enjoy sex.

Place: you can try to have sex in places other than the bed, such as the kitchen, in the bathtub, on the sofa. That way, the sexual relationship will be more exciting.

Oral sex: is a perfect preliminary during sex or you can have an orgasm while you practice it. Sometimes it’s okay to change and not everything ends with penetration.

Sex toys: they are ideal elements to incorporate into relationships and provide great excitement and pleasure.

Preparation: Before having sex, it is important to create a calm, tenuous, exciting atmosphere, even with good music and aphrodisiac aromas. In the details is the difference.

Masturbation: is another preliminary that can be a great incentive and component to your sexual relationship.

Enjoy: don’t be ashamed if you emit groans when you like something a lot, if you scream during orgasm. Let yourself go. In addition, the other person may find it very exciting.

Test: Experiencing new sensations is part of sex. What if you try anal sex? Or a threesome? Put your sexual fantasies into practice.

Here are some tips for getting good sex.

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