Do you want our whores Barcelona to make you a Cuban?

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Performing a Cuban is a sexual practice in which the penis is stimulated by rubbing with the breasts. It is produced in an intermammary way, since the breasts come together so that the member rubs more pleasantly because the area narrows and pretends to be a penetration.

By way of information, the words MAKE A CUBAN are used in Spain to refer to this sexual practice. In other countries it is called otherwise.

Normally lubricants or flavored oils are used to promote slip and cause more excitement.

With this method, ejaculation is possible, since it is extremely sensual. It can also be made as a preamble to other sexual postures.

Our whores Barcelona know how to do it in a way that you will love. If you have not had the opportunity to try it, in Calipso you can experience it.

Of course, if you want to enjoy well, it is necessary, although not essential, that the breasts are quite large. In addition to increasing the pressure on your penis, it is visually much more exciting.

In Calipso, everything and having girls with all kinds of breasts, our whores Barcelona have great breasts, natural or operated, as you like, to make you a Cuban that will leave you speechless.

With your penis between your breasts, they will massage you and masturbate, playing with your member and rubbing with your nipples. Your provocative look will watch you while you enjoy nonstop.

And the end you choose. You can ejaculate over your breasts, perform other sexual practices and postures, penetrate or finish where you want. You are the protagonist.

Come to Calipso and visit our perfect facilities full of desire, choose girl or girls that you like the most and carry out your sexual fantasies. You will be surprised!

We always want to offer you exactly what your body needs and what your mind has ever dreamed. In calipso there are no limits and you can live the best sex in Barcelona.

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