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Oral sex is a sexual practice that, by stimulating the male and female genitals with the mouth and tongue, offers pleasure and excitement to the partner.

There are different varieties of oral sex, although the best known are fellatio and cunnilingus.

It is one of the main sources of pleasure and an indispensable preliminary for many, especially for men.

In addition, for most people, being able to observe the other person while performing oral sex seduces and provokes them even more.

If you want to live the best oral sex, our whores Barcelona will leave you speechless. Only they will know how to satisfy you completely. Tell them how you like them to do it or simply let their experience guide you.

And in addition to being an excellent way to stimulate, oral sex offers different benefits. One of them is the antidepressant capacity of semen, since it contains cortisol and melatonin and, as a consequence, improves the mood in general.

However, if you want the person who does it to you to enjoy it too, you can take some precautions. In addition to good hygiene, food influences the taste of the fluids created by the body when it is aroused.

A healthy diet rich in fruit provides a pleasant taste. Fruits, thanks to their natural sugar content, reduce the bitter taste of semen.

You can follow these tips and both you and your partner will enjoy oral sex to the fullest.

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