Our whores Barcelona love to play with food

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To give a different touch to your sexual encounters, you must incorporate erotic games and other elements that will make sex better and leave behind the monotony.

Have you ever tried introducing food to your couple’s games? Food and sex are not at odds, quite the opposite. In fact, both are among the most pleasant things for the human being Why not put them together?

Food can be part of the preliminaries of sex, increasing arousal. However, it is necessary to choose the perfect foods or drinks for this use.

You will be able to enjoy the taste and smell of fruits, chocolate, cream, etc. in your body and in that of your companion. It will undoubtedly become a sensory and morbid experience.

An ideal game to make with food is to put the food you choose in erogenous zones so that the other one takes it out with the tongue and eats it. How about smearing cream on the nipples of our whores Barcelona? Or how would you like them to perform the best oral sex with your limb dipped in chocolate?

They love fun and different sexual encounters, with surprises. And we warn you that our girls are very sweet, they love chocolate, type chocolates and the spreadable, perfect for sex.

Some tips for using food during sex are:

-The best foods to enjoy in bed are chocolate, cream, flan, ice cream, fruits, especially small ones such as strawberries, honey, juice or wine.

-Spicy food should be avoided, as it is not as pleasant and may cause irritation.

-Although you can put chocolate or cream, for example, over your sexual partner’s genitals, it should never be introduced. The game is precisely about eating it or licking it to get excited. If anything other than a sex toy were introduced as such, it could cause harm.

-It is necessary to experience it in a place where you don’t have to worry about getting dirty. With our whores Barcelona, and thanks to the magnificent facilities adapted to enjoy in Calipso, there would be no problem.

Come to Calipso and have fun trying new sexual experiences full of excitement and pleasure. We recommend that you come hungry for food and especially for sex.

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